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Dedication Ceremony of the temple 1976


The Ramakrishna Mission, performed the dedication ceremony of the temple in 1976. The message of Srimat Swami Vireswaranandaji on that occasion was

This temple is open to all, to all people to whatever race or religion, caste or creed they may belong, whatever be their language, whether they are rich or poor, educated or non-educated, men or women. All can come and worship in this temple, and I have great pleasure to declare this temple open to one and all on this island of Mauritius".



           Dedication ceremony of the marble image

                  of Sri Ramakrishna, April 1981

The dedication ceremony of the marble image of Sri Ramakrishna in the temple shrine was performed in April 1981 by His Holiness, Swami Gambhirananda ji Maharaj, who was then Vice President of the Ramakrishna Mission, India. 
Swami Gitananda ji and many other senior swamis of the Mission were present to grace this auspicious occasion.



Since 1987 Swami 
Krishnarupananda Ji is the present President and Minister in Charge. He took over the activities of the ashram after the demise of Swami Balramananda in June 1987. Swamiji pulled down the old buildings and has constructed the present office and monk quarters and the new Retreat Centre.  A major facelifting was given to the old school building to convert it into the present Library.


The Mission has two  Swamis, Swami 
and Swami Gauripriyananda 


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